Fast Forward

During the last couple of years I developed a habit of two phases I alternate between: high input, high output. Weeks or months spent reading, going through photographs, absorbing ideas that resonate with my thoughts. And then all of a sudden change into hyper productivity which basically means making things happen as a result.

Last autumn I realized there were so many things made happening that there simply was no more time left for the contemplation of the input phase. Which is basically awesome, since we started so much awesome stuff that the momentum kept us going and kept us busy.

I realized that in my streamlined flow soaked work environment, the single most time consuming process was the way I earned my money.

billable hours

I love consulting start-ups concerning how to make things happen and to actually build web apps with them. The employment in the agency I worked for was the aspect that needed a little correction. After my proposal of real autonomous 20% time was rejected, I decided to go into business for myself in order to have control over what’s worth pursuing besides the billable consulting hour.

The extra autonomy, mastery & purpose feel like a rush of liberation right now. I picked a client to consult concerning how to make his ideas happen. We orientate ourselves towards something I call the minimal viable process ™ where we basically do not use frameworks like SCRUM from day one but start with as little process as possible and decide what to add on the go. And I can tell you that it’s really amazing to see common sense figure out necessities instead of going by the book. Iterating not only the product idea but also the process seems so obvious now. Setting up a team of hand picked freelancers is a great experience, too.


Most important there’s the possibility to manage my time to drive side projects autonomously. As much as I love building web apps more often than never there’s a little room for improvement when it comes to the purpose department. I love to be inspired by people and the new points of view theses encounters sometimes bring. I love to build stuff, both software and hardware. I love to connect people and to pass my knowledge on to the curious. So we are currently working on a hub to do exactly that: Create, Connect and Teach. Writing about this would break my new 500 words per post limit but if there’s a demand for details I’m happy to take the time and write about this awesome subject.

The new situation feels so efficient and refreshing that it’s almost as if I would be running on fast forward right now. My next goal: slow down a little and finally get into the contemplation phase again. Ordered some books to read, there are volume of photographs waiting for attention. And what I’m looking forward the most is the adequate spare time for meeting all the inspiring people in my surrounding more often.

I’ll keep you posted how good I’ll manage to calm down a little ;–)