Actions speak louder than words.

Quite interesting to see a rising interest in – I almost wrote “the media” – the part of the internet I’m aware of concerning reading vs. creating a.k.a. consuming vs. producing.

We are living in a time with massive information overload which is even gaining more speed “as we speak”. I agree that we have to decelerate, and we also have to educate. Both amongst the main hypotheses in Douglas Rushkoff’s “Program Or Be Programmed”.

But cutting of all distraction is not the way to go. It’s about reducing to the most inspiring ones, since there is a lot of positive distraction out there that is able to highly resonate & propel your ideas.

Over the last years I developed a habit of having times of strong output followed by more passive phases in which I more or less only read books to understand the problems I was trying to solve better.

good read

Nowadays, too many awesome people in my surrounding made me start too many awesome projects. Chances are near zero that all of them slow down the same time, so the “passive input phase” has not been happening since about a year.

In order to be able to ship the ideas I am participating, I really have to be rigorous in my decisions where to participate. I do not have time to waste with technology, processes or people slowing the creationary process down. I did not reach a state of mastery here, there are still wrong decisions once in a while. But things start to work out quite good, and 2012 will see another important change in the way I help to make things happen.

So I would say actions do speak louder than words. But reading a blog post or book once in a while won’t hurt you, either. It’s about the right relation between consuming and producing. In my case, producing is always the goal. And I see consuming in a healthy manner is part of it.

You wonder why I used the term “as we speak” above? It’s because we’re starting a conversation here. What’s your experience concerning distraction & inspiration? Are you able to divide, to “reduce to the max®”? Is that idea important to you anyways?