Welcome to the new 5v3n.com blog

Ladies and Gentlemen, 5v3n.com proudly presents its new blog!

As mentioned earlier, I had this little project running where I had a look at the features of the ruby based blogging framework toto.

I set myself a little time budget, and when I ran out of time and out of budget today, I followed 37signal’s advice: I shipped it.

What you see here is a fully functional blog, based on 300 lines of the toto ruby code. It’s enriched by a creative commons html/css design i adjusted a little, plus some blog features I found handy to have that I implemented myself, like tags and random posts.

When I ran out of time, I cut some features, like the migration of my disqus comments, integrating the tumblr feed and automated social bookmarks. Until these are done, I call it a beta.

Another important factor to get rid of the beta state is your feedback. I wrote an automated converter for tumblr posts, which currently supports text posts. The chances are quite high that I did not migrated that one photo post, conversation or quote that made the old 5v3n.com tumbl log so attractive to you ;–).

Besides this contentual response, I’d also just love to hear some technical questions. Or answers, like an easy way to migrate the comment system.

So, I hope you enjoy the new platform. I’m looking forward to hearing from you how you like it, feel free to use the connect section to your right or better: leave a comment ;–).

Let’s get some hacks, love & rock ‘n’ roll going!

Sven Kräuter | 5v3n