Adieu, tumbl blog... Hello tumblr channel!

Using tumblr for some months, I realize that I tend to be distracted by my own smaller posts. Located somewhere between micro-blog and blog, I don’t have the necessary willpower to use tumblr & keep this a focused blog.

I’m going to move to a toto based blog hosted at heroku, which I’ll use as a “classical” blog.

Toto is a 300 sloc Ruby scripted stripped down blogging service for techies, using git to post your articles. It’s just pretty amazing, since you are able to fully adjust it to your needs - hosted at heroku, this also means you’re able to use any gem you want.

The tech side is up & running, I’m still working on details like social bookmarks, the page design & porting my disqus comments to the new blog. Any tips on the latter subject are very welcome, since I don’t want to loose the precious discussions with you guys!

So I’ll keep using tumblr as a channel, among twitter & facebook to quickly share stuff that’s beyond 140 characters, but below a full blown blog post.

This means - during the next weeks, it’s time to say:

Adieu tumbl blog, Hello tumblr channel!