Two lines from two geniuses...





Ernest Hemingway: “Good pictures, what camera do you use?”  

Irving Penn: “What typewriter do you use?” 

Got it off a friend recently and it certainly rings a bell especially in this a materialistic world we live in.

People are so absorbed with the technology and capabilities of the tool in their hands that they forget that the vision that creates the images results from something with much more consequence towards the picture.

Whenever I see someone ask “what camera do you use” I have to smile because it really doesn’t matter much, when you figure the photographer is the artist, not the camera, which is the brush.  Different brushes can add to or take away, but the image is what both the photographer and painter create.

Totally right - if you have no feeling for the picture you take, tech won’t help. There’e lots of people who concentrate on the tech part of photography. I think it’s the easy part. I don’t struggle with the cam, I struggle with the photograph.

On the other hand: using low tech cams doesn’t make you an artist, either ;-).

It doesn’t hurt the pic if it’s taken with a leica range finder instead of a holga.