Dear weblog...

Left work early today and fetched some nice simit & almond filled olives from the turkish cornershop on my way home. Did I mention already that I <3 Altona :-)?

I drank a cup of Dalmayr “Espresso Monaco” - fine, 100% arabica. Missing some strength, though. Mixing in some robusta beans would help developing a richer taste.

Then I finally fixed my curtains while listening to the instrumental version of “Man of constant sorrow” by Norman Blake. A bit too mellow & too much country for my taste. Then I switched the record and listened to “Man of constant Sorrow” by “The Soggy Bottom Boys”. Rhythm & Blues, yeah! That did the trick.

Now, I feel the strange urge to get some Dapper Dan pomade - and the sudden need to show off online what a nice evening I had so far.

I’m looking forward to hack some ruby tonight. Finally made it to the mixin-chapter of the Pickaxe and man, I’m really stoked by all the possibilities…

But first things first - let’s prepare dinner with my girl & enjoy the evening :-).

So - how’s everybody doing out there?