Checking out RubyMine

I started using my favorite Java IDE Netbeans for coding Ruby, but it felt a bit too heavy for the job.

Then I tried Textmate and Komodo Edit, which both are obvious designed for web & scripting jobs. Textmate feels very smooth, but it’s help concerning an object’s methods is limited to auto completion based on your preceding typing. It has a nice git integration that comes really handy.

Komodo Edit is the free (free as in “less features”) version of an IDE. I liked that it used the ruby interpreter to look for methods. I customized it with some commands to work with git. But there’s some little but annoying bug that really takes the fun out of that one. I also realized it has some problem displaying large files using it to display some huge xml files at work.

When working on my girlfriends Ubuntu machine, I really fell in love with gEdit. But the binary install for Mac OS doesn’t have the full set of plug-ins, and if I want MacPorts to compile it, it starts checking out the whole gnome project. Thanks, but no thanks.

One thing that these scripting fellows all have in common: there’s no debugger ui, which is a major point for me.

So - an big IDE is too heavy & classic scripting editors aren’t the right thing for me, either. Tough customer, I am.

I’m just about to check out RubyMine - working myself through some pages in the pickaxe. Let’s see how this self declared “Most intelligent Ruby IDE” does its job. First impression: nice features like

  • TODO listing
  • easy integration / configuration of 1.8, 1.9 and jruby
  • cool debugging interface
  • git integration

Feels a bit slow though… and it costs 86€. I’ll have a closer look during the next couple of days.

Right now, Netbeans is in favor.